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Supplementary Activities for the Decodable Book (Downloadable PDF)- NO GIFT FOR MAN


Literacy Activity Rhyme Time 1

Rhyme and Alliteration

This 58-page downloadable PDF features literacy activities for students with (and without) dyslexia. It accompanies the decodable book, No Gift for Man, based on the Greek creation myth. It is Book 1 from Set 1 of the HOT ROD Series.  HOT RODs promote Higher Order Thinking through the Reading of Decodables. The book, sold separately, and the related activities featured here, can be used to supplement any reading program but especially Orton-Gillingham based programs. The PDF includes over 20 reproducible activities, templates, and games. It may be printed or used for online learning. NOTE: The purchase comes with 2 downloads. Please download and then copy onto your various devices. Write to for questions or assistance.

Literacy Activities for Students with Dyslexia



This downloadable PDF contains 20+ literacy activities designed specifically for students with dyslexia. It is also broad enough in scope for inclusion classrooms and general educational use. The PDF supplements the decodable book, No Gift for Man, which focuses on closed (short) vowel patterns. That book is sold separately, but the download contains a link to a FREE copy of the book (text only – no illustrations). Print the activity pages or follow the directions to use them for online learning. Activities include several links to online games created for this resource.


Literacy activities focus on decoding and fluency practice, phonological awareness, morphology (Prefix PRO), vocabulary, and sentence structure. Improving these skills is essential to all students but especially for those with dyslexia. Sentence construction activities provide practice on how to use coordinating conjunctions to create compound sentences. It also provides a game for identifying complete versus incomplete sentences. This resource includes a non-fiction article, “Bats and Their Amazing Skills.” Comprehension questions and written language activities provide practice with creating RACE responses, structuring paragraphs, and writing compare/contrast essays. The last three pages of the PDF explain how the activities fit into the 24 categories of Bloom’s Revised Taxonomy.


Intended for grades 4-8 for use in general education, special education, inclusion, or 1:1 therapy/tutoring situations. This resource is perfect for homeschoolers or anyone who may want to use a single text for several students with a variety of learning needs. Pick and choose the activities that match your students’ needs and educational objectives. This guide was created by a speech-language pathologist and certified academic language therapist specializing in dyslexia who is also a former homeschooler.

The books and stories in the HOT ROD series encourage Higher Order Thinking through the Reading of Decodables. They can be used to supplement any reading program but were specifically designed to support Orton-Gillingham-based instruction. You may preview and download a few of the activities on our website page describing COR Instruction.


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