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Four in a Row Game Boards – Closed Syllables (Downloadable PDF and Google Slides)


8 Fun phonics board games based on the Science of Reading to support Orton-Gillingham Instruction. Spin or roll dice to select a closed (short) vowel sound. Then search for a word that contains the sound. The first person to connect 4 words wins. Patterns include CVC, CCVC, CVCC, CCVCC real words and non-words. Print the PDF game boards or use the virtual version. The Google Slides may be converted into a PowerPoint. Aligns with Set 1 of the Hot Rod Series of Decodable Books. For 2-4 players.

For 2-4 Players. This downloadable PDF includes 8 Game Boards that may be printed and laminated for in-person use. A second PDF includes links to the same 8 Game Boards in a Google Slide format. It must be played in EDIT mode if using Google Slides. Games are designed for virtual use.  The target words include closed syllables (short vowel sounds). Students roll dice or connect to a virtual spinner to choose a vowel sound. They then search for a word containing that sound and place a marker on the word. The person who gets Four in a Row first is the winner.

Patterns include CVC, CVC Nonsense Words, CCVC, CCVC Nonsense Words, CVCC, CVCC Nonsense Words, CCVCC, CCVCC Nonsense Words. The target words align with Set 1 of the Hot Rod Series. See the Scope and Sequence page on the website for details. Read the book, No Gift for Man, to reinforce concepts along with the Supplementary Activities available on this website.

Reinforce phonics skills and support Orton-Gillingham based instruction.