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Welcome to Word Travel Press. We believe that meaningful content is important for developing strong readers. It is as essential as building strong decoding skills. We use the concept of Pair and Share Reading to support readers in accessing content as they build their decoding skills through our HOT ROD series. Find out more below.

The HOT ROD series was designed to complement any reading program. Our stories and poems help students develop Higher Order Thinking through the Reading of Decodables written as stories, poems, and more. Designed for older readers who still need decoding practice. Read more HERE.

Pair and Share Reading is a strategy that pairs developing readers with proficient readers (educators, parents, peers) who share the literacy experience with them by reading the more challenging segments aloud. Find out more HERE.

Choosing the Right Decodable Books for students can be a challenge. Decodable books contain only the letters, sounds, and learned words that have been taught, but how do you find books to supplement your reading program? Go HERE to explore a list of publishers, their websites, and the Scope and Sequence of their books when available.


No Gift for Man

NO GIFT LEFT FOR MAN and Other Poems from Greek Mythology from the HOT ROD series

No Gift for Man (Set 1, Book 1). Prometheus creates mankind while his brother, Epimetheus, creates the animals. Epimetheus gives all of the good gifts away to the animals and leaves nothing for mankind. COMING OCTOBER 2022. Find a free preview of the text in PDF form HERE.

The Bandit (Set 1, Book 2). Prometheus steals fire from Mount Olympus to give to the newly created humans and suffers the wrath of Zeus. COMING NOVEMBER 2022

The Box (Set 1, Book 3). To get revenge on mankind for accepting the gift of fire, Zeus gives Pandora to Epimetheus as a wife along with a mysterious box they are told to never open. COMING DECEMBER 2022

Story Frames for Teaching Literacy

Narrative Intervention


Understanding text structure is vital to success in reading. Take your narrative instruction to the next level with this valuable resource aligned with the science of reading. Discover how to build a bridge between narrative non-fiction and expository text. Teach techniques for self-questioning to improve comprehension. This resource by Brookes Publishing includes a full package of downloadable materials, including sample storyboards and templates, 40+ handouts and worksheets, game cards, slide decks to use in instruction, 30+ sample story analyses of books for children and young adults. Find out more HERE.

Customer reviews


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“I created the HOT ROD series for older struggling readers and Story Frames for students of all ability levels.”

Carolee, USA

“I use the Story Frames Basic Storyboard as visual cues to teach younger students how to analyze simpler stories. Chapter 13 on Memoir has been useful when teaching 3rd and 4th graders personal narrative writing. I also like Chapter 10 on Poetry. It’s helpful in teaching literary language to students of all ages.  Carolee’s book is a valuable resource for teaching literacy that would benefit teachers and students from elementary school to high school

Lillie, USA – Intervention specialist teacher